What are Refurbished Products?

Refurbishment is the distribution of products (generally electronics) that have been previously returned to a manufacturer or vendor for various reasons,

  • Items that were scratched, cracked, etc. during shipping or handling
  • Items returned without being used a.k.a “Open Box” items
  • Items returned because of a defect or damage
  • Demo items used in retail stores and events

Refurbished products are normally tested for functionality and defects before they are sold to the public.

Used vs Refurbished

Used items are second-hand items that have been used to some extent and are not repaired or checked for defects. On the other hand, refurbished items are carefully checked, repaired and cleaned before going up for sale.

What are Refurbished Grades?

Refurbished Grades lets you know the quality of the refurbished product and reflect whether it has any marks, scuffs or scratches, and to what degree. Grade A being the highest quality and Grade B being the average quality.

Grade A Refurbished

Grade A refurbished is the highest quality of the products which have been reconditioned to be as good as new with minor cosmetic issues such as scratches or dents. It has also been tested for functionality as well as testing for potential flaws.

Grade B Refurbished

A Grade B refurbished is the average quality of the products with noticeable scratches or marks on the surface. Grade B refurbished products are priced lower than Grade A products due to cosmetic issues, it does not affect the usability of the product but can't be sold as Grade A due to imperfections.

If you're just looking for functioning laptop at a low price, Grade B refurbished will save you some cost. If you're one to enjoy the cosmetic quality of the product or buying it as a gift to someone, Grade A refurbished product would be the better choice.

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