Worried about your kids being exposed to mature and violent material?
Or your smart devices getting hacked?
No time for family bonding due to social media?

With Firewalla, you can solve all these problems with just a single app.

Firewalla has a Family Protection with 3 features:

  • Safe Search - helps to filter out matured or violence contents
  • Social Hour - blocks all social activity for 1 hour
  • Protects your IoT Devices (that includes your smart vacuum, smart watch, smart TV)

Safe Search is a feature offered by well-known search engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, YouTube) that filters out matured and potentially offensive content in search results.

For devices that are monitored by Firewalla, if anyone enters an inappropriate or suggestive phrase in the search bar, offensive content will be filtered out from search results.

Family Protect feature will try its best to block mature and questionable sites for families.

The Social Hour feature will temporarily block internet connection to major social media for one hour on all devices. With just a tap, you are now able to enjoy more family time. Our goal is to help you remove the digital distractions from life and increase human-to-human interactions, making your family bonds stronger.



Protects your IoT Devices by monitoring your devices. Firewalla will alarm you whenever unusual activities occur such as an unrecognizable device trying to access your camera and will block off anything malicious.

In conclusion, with Firewalla, you can enjoy more family time and keep your kids safe and protected from the matured and dark parts of the internet.

No more unplugging the router during dinner time or family bonding.

Firewalla aims to make protecting families more effective and less intrusive.

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