Why you as a business should upgrade to windows 10

If you have not gone to upgrade your windows from an older version yet, and how that has become important as a business to upgrade it.

Firstly would be that microsoft has already ended support for windows 7 for any kind of technical support and security updates from Jan 14 2020. And not end up getting vulnerable to malware, virus or security flaw that were to be exposed.

Nex would be with Windows 10 there is a Windows Defender application which would help with protecting you from unknowingly getting malware by visiting malicious websites/links. And so the windows defender would protect you.

With Windows 10, there would be more efficient updates as it would identify what changes are made and apply those updates efficiently to make your experience smooth and protect you and protect your company assets with the important updates making your operation run smoothly.

So all in all we recommend you to upgrade to windows 10 if you can and look to see if you can upgrade to windows 10. Our recommendation would be that we want to ensure that you would have at least 8GB of ram to upgrade to windows 10 for a smooth experience.

If you are looking for a windows upgrade or have a request to upgrade your laptop/desktop for the upgrade, Call us at +65 6262 0402 or email us at care@compaqs.com to get the information details on your needs.