You might be wondering, is windows update a necessary thing? Usually people would ignore updates but during times like this, it’s important to install updates as it’s necessary and important.

Usually updates consist of security updates as windows would give these updates to prevent exploits found by malware/hackers. There are also other kinds of updates where it would not be security updates but patch the OS stability and help fix some known issue with the OS so the stability would be there.

Windows isn’t perfect as there are many loopholes and vulnerabilities with incompatibilities. As such these windows updates would patch the vulnerabilities and errors that are there. Even having an anti-virus would not be sufficient to protect you from any windows security related issues so it would be best to do a update.

Consequences that would happen would be when you don't update would be possible loss of data. And malware costs millions of damages per year worldwide. And one of the many reasons is that users don’t update their software and OS. which would allow malwares and hackers to come in and exploit the loopholes in the system. Usually such vulnerabilities would be fixed quickly once found so if they is ever a security update, you should quickly update your system to prevent such attacks.

In Conclusion, It’s important to install security updates for your system as you want to make sure that you can protect your side from malicious attacks. All in all you want to protect yourself from the possible loophole and prevent any potential attack to happen on your side.

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