Building a PC is not as hard as people believe it is, there are plenty of reasons to build a PC from getting better graphics to better versatility, with there some things to take note when building a PC.

Firstly would be to ensure that you read your motherboard manual as if you are a first time builder the mother will confuse you and the fact that it’s the hub of ur PC, it’s one of the more important parts as it connects everything together from CPU, Hard drive and RAM.

As there are many electrical parts in the system, it’s recommended that you get an anti-strap. 

You can easily get it at any PC store, all you have to do is attach the clip to the metal casing, wrap it around your wrist and ensure your pc is not plugged in. All this is to ensure that you protect your pc from any static discharging it into the electrical component.

Always think about the future when building your new PC as you want the parts be still usable in the future and you would not have to spend another hundred to upgrade your system again. It’s best that you ensure that you buy quality hardware such as the power supply and hard drive. You want to know how upgradable it is, can it handle future games  e.t.c. Taking note of what future requirement you need would save you from spending more cash.

Get a list of everything you need to build your PC, as it will make your process a lot easier, get yourself what items you are buying so you can see if each of the parts are compatible with each other or not. 

Lastly , don’t rush your build, slowly build your Desktop and make sure you get everything right as you might think it is a daunting task but as you continue, you will realize that it’s not hard to build your PC so go through it with a calm mindset.

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