With technological advancement these days, security is the main factor to take note of when our cars, homes, and money are accessible through our phones, computers, and IoT devices. 

It is much riskier as hackers can attack our bank accounts, smart devices, cars, and homes. Without proper cybersecurity, you might lose all of your valuables one day.

This is where Firewalla comes in. It is a security device that connects to your router and protects your devices from cyber attacks.

Firewalla provides:

  • Rule-based filtering - filter out activities on devices
  • Intrusion detection system - alerts you whenever it detects malicious activities
  • Intrusion prevention system - monitor and detects connections, automatically block off bad connections
  • Intelligent behavior analytics - detects abnormal activity

Rule-based filtering allows you to allow/block targets (such as application, domains, IP address, local network, internet, gaming, video, social, etc.) on any connected devices.

Intrusion Detection detects all activities and new devices on the network. It notifies you whenever it detects a malicious activities and actively scans your network to detect security vulnerabilities and risks early.

Intelligent behavior analytics analyzes your usual behavior and notifies you whenever there is an abnormal activity.

In conclusion, Firewalla provides a lot of security features that will you make feel much more secure using the network without having to worry about your devices getting tampered with or hacked.

It aims to make cybersecurity measures as capable and straightforward as possible.

It also provides many other features which you can check out on our other blogs posted.

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