What is Firewalla & its Pros

Firewalla is a simple plug and play firewall device that connects to your router, and allows you to control from the mobile app (available in IOS and Android).

It is a modern Firewall with IPS and IDS (Intrusion Prevention and Intrusion Detection), most suitable for homes and small businesses.

Cyber Security Solution

Technology has advanced to the stage whereby our cars, homes and money are interconnected and handled by computers and IoT devices. As IoT devices have poor security by nature and computers being a common medium for cyberattacks, the risks are definitely higher.

With Firewalla, you’ll be able to inspect and control your network traffic. Firewalla also provides layers of protection and built-in VPN, and everything is manageable with the app on a smartphone (available in IOS and Android).

Firewalla’s layers of protection consist of

  • Rule Based Filtering Filter incoming/outgoing packets at the IP/port level
  • IDS (Intrusion Detection System) Monitors and alerts you of any malicious activities and vulnerabilities
  • IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) Utilizes deep insight and cloud-based behavior analytics engine to actively monitor and detect suspicious connection
    Automatically blocks suspicious connections
  • Intelligent Behavior Analytics Analyzes your behavior and sends you alarms when there is unusual activity

Privacy Protection

Firewalla aims to enhance the management of activities by offering complete visibility and control.

  • Activity Alarms Updates of activities
  • Online/Offline Alarms Alerts you when your kids have came home and have connected their devices to the home network
  • Network Flows Remotely monitor online activities and locate the device used from the device list
  • Basic Controls Safe Search Filters out offensive content in search results
  • Family Protect Blocks access to sites with porn or violent content
  • Ad Block Blocks pop-up or embedded ads in browsers and mobile apps Advanced
  • Controls Blocking Rule Create block rules for specific activity category or specific target
  • Scheduling of Rules Set a schedule for when a rule takes effect
  • One-Tap Category Blocking Just one tap, and you’ll be able to block access, unblock access and choose the duration of the blocking
  • Blocking the Unknown There are always apps that will not be fully covered and Firewalla is able to tell you how!

Parental Control

Firewalla contains features that would be able to help protect your privacy. Here are some of the features:

    Complete VPN Solution for Home and Business
  • VPN Server: VPN Service Hosted by You at Home Establish a VPN connection between your device and Firewalla and browse the internet like you are at home
  • VPN Client: Tunnel All Internet Traffic at Home through VPN This is a service that guards your network and can establish a VPN connection with another VPN server.
  • VPN Use Cases Secure Access to Home Network, Remote Working / Working from Home, Connecting Multiple Networks with Site to Site VPN
      Protect Your Privacy with DNS over HTTPS
    • Prevent Tracking by Ads Ad Blocks / Filtering is a built-in feature that help to remove ads in browsers and mobile apps that tracks your digital habits

If you are looking for a firewall for your home or small business, look no further! Check out Firewalla’s products here!

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