Make your child drawings come to life with OAXIS myFirst 3D Pen.

Turn it on and keep a lookout for the green indicator button, in approximately 30 seconds, it would be ready to play.

Battery is rechargeable and each charge can last for hours. It is wireless so they can use it anytime, anywhere.

With the materials being kid-safe, there is no worries of your child coming into contact with toxic materials.

The 3D pen is safe to touch with low heat filament, as well as using non adhesive material filament which is made from PLA materials which are not harmful to the touch and safe for use. It is also quick to cool and solidifies almost instantly.

Available in 2 colors / design which means they will be able to choose the color they prefer. Also, design template will be provided for your child to kickstart if they do not have any idea on what they wish to create.

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