Draw, sketch, modify and take notes with the new Sketch Pro!

myFirst Sketch Pro is designed to to let children have a fun and learn process while doodling. But it is also suitable for adults who wish to use it to take notes and draw diagrams.

Besides the one clear all button, there is a new addition which is the built-in Sketch Pro Pen which comes with an eraser on the end of it.

You just have to press the partial erase button, turn the pen to the rubber end and softly erase. Once done, hit the return button to continue with what you were doing.
(P/S:- The partial erase function lasts for 30seconds before returning to drawing mode)

Now your kids can make adjustments to their drawings without having to erase the whole picture. You can also edit your notes and make changes to your shopping list. That’s one for the mums!

The lock screen button on the Sketch Pro allows your kids to keep what they've drawn without accidental marks or erases.

This is non-radiative, made from eco-friendly materials and uses a high energy saving battery so kudos to saving the earth!