Top 5 reasons to make a website as a business

Owning a business website is one of the most important things and a must these days. There are also many platforms where you can create your own website at a cheap price.

Here are some reasons a website is important to a brand
    1. Having a website attracts customers to your site. As traffic increases, the amount of interest towards your brand increases and ultimately helps with revenue. In such a competitive market, having a website can also act as a storefront, and you would be able to compete with other brands to stand out!

    2. It takes maybe three seconds, for customers to view the overall look of your site and form their impression of the brand. With a good design and smooth user interface, your website will stand out among other competitors and add credibility to your brand.

    3. Your products can be showcased in a neater manner and customers can easily place their order or enquire based on their needs.

    4. By putting on testimonials and reviews on your website, it adds on credibility of your brand. This proves that customers are not only browsing the website, but also, enjoying your products and/or services, which would entice potential customers to trust your brand.

    5. Customers can have an effortless way of contacting your brand through your website. A website usually includes contact information in the footer and a contact us page for customers to enter enquiries. Customers can have their enquiries answered, a better understanding of the product/service they need and eventually make a purchase.

Many people may not be equipped with the appropriate skill sets of creating a website. Don't fret! At Compaqs, we have 3 website packages options for you to choose from.

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