Importance of getting IT Support

Technology is an essential to businesses nowadays, which means your business would require efficient and effective IT systems and/or support, regardless of whether your business is small or big.

This suggests that many businesses indeed need professional IT support. Having a strong IT support is essential to any organization and here are some reasons why:

Data Storage and Management

Having a professional IT support team to help store and manage your business’s important data is very important. For the data to be stored securely, yet easily accessible is something you might not be able to do by yourself. Your data could end up being risked and compromised unwillingly. 

Protection against Cyber Criminals

Being able to detect and avoid malware and viruses is crucial to your business. This prevents your business data from being threatened. Having an IT support team will allow a better and stronger defense for your IT infrastructure against digital threats. 

Effective Solutions to Tricky Problems

Despite having some knowledge about your company’s systems, you would be unfamiliar with any potential tricky problems. A professional IT support team will be able to analyze the troubles and solve the problems as quickly as possible, allowing everything to be working as per normal. 

Seamless Communication

An IT support team will be able to help configure the way your team communicates through different channels. From configuring your company’s email servers, to collaboration set ups, email marketing and video conferencing software, trusting your IT support team will allow everything to fall into place seamlessly, and you would be able to get on with work comfortably and easily. 




ACE IT Care Package

With more than 10 years of experience in the Industry, our team of Specialists and Engineers are able to provide personalized solutions for the needs of your company.

With ACE Business Pte Ltd as your reliable business support partner, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a team of Professional Personnel to help you whenever you need.

Our ACE IT Support Package comprises of the following:

  • Hotline & Email Support Services
  • IT Consultancy Services
  • Remote Support Services
  • Onsite Support Services

Hotline & Email Support, IT Consultancy Services

Service includes Phone and Email support for IT issues such as IT consultancy, advisory for desktops, laptops, networks. As different IT infrastructure may require more professional advice, please contact our care team to understand more.

Remote Support Services

Includes Remote Access to individual PC via remote tools and applications. Each remote support is for maximum 30 minutes from per login. 1 Remote support will be deducted regardless of whether it leads to an Onsite Support.

Onsite Support Services

Includes Onsite Support to one location per onsite, based on Next-Business-Day or Same-Day Support as per package signed up for. Per onsite support is for a maximum of 2 hours from reaching the premises. Additional hours required shall be charged based on the Additional Onsite charges. 

For any enquiries or feedback, do write in to us at or contact us at (+65) 6262 0402.