Relaunch of Compaqs

We are proud to share that we have relaunched Compaqs website to bring about a smoother and more efficient shopping experience!

The new Compaqs website has streamlined menus and clearer navigation. which allows for a more efficient shopping experience and a cleaner aesthetic. Head over to the site to explore the changes!


Some changes made

Partner Program

This is a new tab at the top and it would be a permanent tab as we are looking to expand and we hope more potential partners would join us through our newly relaunched website. If you’re looking to be a partner or reseller, do contact us with the email given in the tab!

Compaqs Talk

Our Compaqs blog will be making its appearance on the homepage with its own section as we will be putting up posts that would be directly related to the products on promotion. Stay updated with our upcoming promotions and tips by subscribing to our newsletter, so don’t miss out and register today!

Corporate Secretarial Services

This section has been removed, as we're looking to focus on IT and Web. This does not mean this service would not come back, it’s only being kept on hold for now! However, if you do need such services, do enquire away! We would be more than happy to provide you with this service!

For any enquiries or feedback, do write in to us at or contact us at (+65) 6262 0402.