Got a Business but no online presence?

We got your covered! Over here at Compaqs we provide services for your company to get started by creating an online presence for the company and eventually, get an increase in customers and sales.

With Shopify, you can most definitely do so!

What is Shopify?

You might have heard or seen of Shopify somewhere before on certain e-commerce sites. Shopify is a cloud based platform where you would pay a monthly subscription, allowing you access to an admin area. The admin page is where you would be able to store data, add products, process orders that you get and design the look of your website to your choice. It is easy to use and with very little maintenance needed, you can get your online store up quickly.

Shopify provides reliable and secure hosting for your website so you don’t have to worry about security vulnerabilities. Shopify also handles the store traffic and what you would get is 99.99% uptime as a platform and a free SSL certificate!


Shopify has benefits which include ease of use, low cost and great amount of support.

Why would we need online presence as a company?

As a company, having a website would give you credibility as a business. It gives a boost to your business operation when people look it up, and it also provides a professional informative website on what you do. Having an online presence would better help you compete with other competitors in your local area.

Having an online presence allow you to have more visibility as users search your content or brand online. Going online is one of the ways to complete with similar businesses as customers would tend to search for the services, and those with an online presence through a website have better opportunities of being noticed. Having an online presence also allow you to reach out to customers outside your local area which helps expands your customer base.

To start, we recommend to look through the package that we have:

  • Blossom Package
  • Garden Package
  • Plantation Package

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