Are you & your kids protected?

Ever since the pandemic, the amount of people in cyberspace has increase which results in an increase in vulnerable people as well. Those who are IT illiterate and your kids could be targets for hackers, this is due to the fact that a large extent on our personal details gets involved with technology, including our privacy.

This happens when assessing vulnerable websites or downloading suspicious files. However, with a problem would come a solution!

Out of the any software/devices there are, we recommend both home and business user Firewalla. It is a small device that has many kinds of sophisticated functions to inspect and control you network traffic providing many layers of protection such as:

  • Rule Base Filtering
  • IDS (Intrusion detection system)
  • IPS (Intrusion prevention system)
  • Intelligent behavior analytic
  • Built-in VPN services

    All the features comes in a tiny small box where is managed by an easy-to-use app on your smartphone.

    Rule base filtering allows you to block certain actions from the user who is on/using the network. Examples of blocking that can be use includes websites “Gambling, gaming ”. There is also many custom ways to block to set the device on what you want to block by setting up rules.

    Intrusion Detection allows you to monitor your network where it would be able to detect malicious activities & vulnerabilities in the network. This function allows you to find new devices on your network and disabling them if needed, check if there is any strangers on your network and preventing them for using the devices connected for nefarious purposes and scan for security vulnerabilities in your network early.

    Intrusion Prevention will allow your device to automatically prevent “bad” connection and will block it, you can also set the setting to allow the user to be notified to allow the connection or not.

    There is also Intelligent Behavior analysis where Firewalla would be able to detect any out of the ordinary behaviour and display the info to you so you would be able to take notice and you would be able to take notice.


    Check out Firewalla and contact us for any enquiries at or (+65) 6262 0402.