Keep Your Data Private and Secure

Putting our personal information online is risky as we are unsure when someone else who owns it can make use of it for other means. This is why protecting our data is essential.
Here are some ways to keep your data secure:


Using a VPN hides your IP address, which allows you to stay anonymous. Our partner, Bullguard provides Bullguard VPN which will be able to help keep your data secure as it

  • encrypts your data in an unreadable file
  • encapsulates your data in a secure packet
  • routes your connection through secure remote servers and masks your IP address
  • creating a shield that is hard to see, tough to crack, and nearly impossible to track

    Free to Roam

    By connecting to the internet using our partner’s VPN, allows your online activities to be kept safe and private. There’s also an additional benefit of enabling you to access sites that have geographical restrictions.


    Imposing Two-Factor Authentication

    Two-factor authentication is a sign-in method that demands for two or more pieces of identification evidence.

  • Username and password
  • Number of passcode through your phone


    Password Manager

    A password manager suggests stronger passwords for you to use, by either suggesting strong passwords or recommend you to create a stronger password based on your current ones.


    Safely Dispose of Personal Information

    Before disposing your devices, you should remove the data that it contains entirely.

    For a computer, it can be done with a wipe utility program so that your hard drive would be rid of all personal information. For a phone, it can be done by erasing all data through the settings of the phone.


    As data privacy is a major issue right now, it has become important for not just consumers, but also businesses to consider the right programs to keep their data safe and secure. You can head to our IT software section to view for more products.


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