The main point for business is that as a SME there would be less funds and manpower to work with. Choosing the right laptop is important as a business as you would not want to buy some cheap laptop and end up with dead/slow systems as it can cause you to lose money instead thinking that you would save.

There would also be the vendor's track record, warranty details, user community and usability. Where these would help you decide with your decision.

Next question to ask is what you want to use your pc for where there are different kinds of pc for different categories of jobs such as construction, retail or public sector. As such depending on where you are, you would require to look at the portability and security of the device.

Next choice would be the platform you would want, there isn’t a best OS system but mostly Microsoft Windows has the best variety of software for the platform but there would also be Apple macOS, then Linux and chrome OS.

After that you might be wondering what is the right form factor for you, from ultra-portable laptop to a workstation. Basically, the idea is with the biggest the workstation with biggest screen, it would be the most expensive where else if you get a Ultrabook with a small screen would be cheaper. 

Firstly one thing you would look for is CPU

Low end - Core i3, A-Series, Athlon, Ryzen 3

Mid range- Core i5, i7, Ryzen 5, 7

High end - Core i9, Xeon, Ryzen 9, Ryzen Threadripper

Next to look out for would be your Memory where you would have RAM and Storage where you can have hard disk and SSD. More Ram would make your PC more responsive and Storage would give you more data that you can store. So if you wish to balance things to your budget, choose which one you would want to focus on more.

Next would be what GPU you would want where it can range from 2gb to 16gb and the different vendors would be GeForce and AMD. Depending on what kind of work you do for your needs.

Next is Wifi, Look for what kind of connections you would need. Now with higher end models there are Wi-fi 6 else's Wi-Fi 5 is still widely used.

The next important factor you should look through is battery life as when you are using it far away from a main power source, you would want to use it for when you are outside with no nearby power and you want to increase the time of your work.

In Conclusion, you should take your time choosing the right laptop for yourself and the required details for the laptops that you would want. 

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