Doing Maintenance on your PC is important for a longer life. And doing maintenance would also help save money on your laptop in the long term.

  1. Our first tips would be that you should always shut down properly as it can properly extend your device life significantly. As just holding the power button off would stress you hardware and devices, you should take a minute or two and shut the machine down properly.
  2. Ensure that your Machine Firewall is always running as it’s the first line of defence against malware and virus. As when you are installing new software as the firewall would check the program if it has anything suspicious in it.
  3. Ensure you remove the bloatware program from your system. The program is Bloatware when the program starts affecting your system/device performance speed over time. You would be able to see how much bloatware is on your system by going to the task manager and see what are the unnecessary applications running. And leaving them running would leave the system eating up the system resource.
  4. Uninstall programs not needed at the current time the correct way.Do not just delete the icon, it would not help at all as you are just deleting it’s icon.
  5.  Run malware scan regularly, ensuring that there is no “malware” in your system as it helps to ensure that malware actually invaded your system while you are using your computer.
  6. Get an anti-virus software that would help with defending your system from malware/virus. Although windows comes with windows defender, it’s recommended to install another anti-virus to ensure a second-layer protection.
  7. Always update your OS to ensure that your system stays updated and when required. As updating your OS prevents any error that would happened into the old OS and fixes the problem there is while also preventing any backdoor for hackers to come in.

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