As technology evolves, so does the malware such as ransomware. All evolving in a way where it can impact our lives in a way that would impact our lives in a way that would. Now with ransomware attacks increasing, there have been more people getting attacked by ransomware according to sophos, trend micro and bitdefender, there has been an increase in ransomware attacks.

Ransomware is a malicious software that is used by hackers to deny access to the user data and systems and would encrypt the data and files till a ransom is paid. And when there is valuable data, people would be willing to pay to regain access to their data.

Main issue now with ransomware is damaging to any business who are affected by it as it can cause downtime which results in cost for the business.So now there are new ways to defend yourself from the likelihood of an attack.

Cyberattacks like this don’t happen just because of the work of hackers, rather it can also be activated by an employee clicking on a phishing link or browsing a compromised website. So in order to learn how to avoid ransomware, they must know the do and don'ts of how to minimize such risk

Ensure you have a 2FA as one of the popular tactics is hackers can use stolen employee information to gain entry to the network and from there distribute ransomware and such would improve the security of your companies accounts.

Next would be teaching the employees who aren’t familiar with the kind of attack there are and so cybertraining will ensure that employees can spot details on the issues that would arise from clicking an unspecified link.

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