Still using your hard disk in your desktop or laptop? Maybe it’s on your server. Like the server you may have. As you know electronic devices don’t last forever so the parts inside will fail. So especially your data that you have that is stored inside your Hard Disk/SSD.

Here are the signs where you should keep a lookout for.

Firstly, If you are hearing a faint whirring and clicking from your hard drive, it would most likely means that things are not well for your hard drive and if there is any high-pitched metallic sound, it most likely means that your drive is damaged.

If you do see these signs, do not ignored it and do a backup as it’s only a matter of time when the drive will fail. 

Next would be if you noticed that your data is starting to go missing, it’s most likely your hard drive is starting to fail, you should check if you are getting a back-up of your data as it’s most likely the drive is getting worn out and so data may be erased or corrupted.

If you notice a slow down in your system performance, it’s a sign where your storage drive is failing. So this error would be that there are bad blocks in the storage which will result in a long time to read and can end up in failure as the system fails to give up and gives you an error message.Recommendation would be although your hard drive is sluggish, you would not need to change your HDD/SSD but if there is a noticeable drop in speed, we recommend you to change.

Fourthly, would be that when boot up, your system does not detect your boot drive. This can be caused when there is a corrupted file and you have so far not done any update to cause this. This would mean that your disk is failing and you should do a backup soon.

Lastly is when you start getting blue screen even when reinstalling your windows, it means that you should start getting a new hard disk.

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