Email is one of the most common channels of digital communication today as it’s where we would send and receive information from others. However this also makes it possible for people with malicious ideas to send malicious attachments or even spam messages. Although there are some email service providers that provide filters for spam which would mostly be sent to the junk mail. But some may go through and if you were to click on the spam links, it would direct you to a phishing site or even download malware to your PC.

Never give out your email publicly out on the web, as there are spammers out there in the web who can get your email address and would allow people to send spam email to you or even hack your account if your password is weak.

Always check your link before you click on any link as there are instances where the spam email would make itself look like a legitimate email and make you download or ask you for your personal information to phish you. Make sure to check the contents of the email before even opening any links or downloading any attachment.

Don’t reply to the spam email that’s from an unknown source as they can be used by spammers to know that your email is active and will result in your email getting targeted by the spammers.

Download spam filtering tools and antivirus software, as these tools can help you scan for malware. These tools will help you quarantine infected files and so prevent you from opening it and also reduce the chance of the malware affecting your pc.

Make it so that when you are entering any kind of public contest, application service, etc. Don’t use your business email and personal email for them as many spammers take your email from these lists to use.

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