TOP 5 reasons on why you need a antivirus

Anti-virus software is usually ignored by users around the world thinking that they don’t need such a thing, but now with many people now putting their personal details into their computer where hackers/virus can delete and steal those data. And so we are here to give you the Top 5 reasons for getting an Antivirus.

Getting an antivirus would help with  the performance of the PC as when there would be malware/trojan there would affect the performance of the PC, where it will cause the system to be sluggish and able to cause it to the point of being unable to use. This is where anti-virus software can deny entry to those malware to the system and block any attempt to install any of the virus. Having regular scanning also makes it so that the system is regularly checked to make sure there is no such thing.

There would be a misuse of personal data and identity theft, as cybercrime is in the rise. And as people use their device to read emails or access sensitive data such as their bank account online. Not having an anti-virus would allow malicious software to enter your system and allow unwanted personnel to view your data.

Blocking Unauthorized connections, anti-virus will help with that as it would block incoming connections that are unauthorized. It will prevent people from stealing valuable information and not allow them to use it on you.

Another reason would be that it would be to have the antivirus to scan the data of your device, so every time before you open the file, the antivirus will scan the file to ensure it does not have any malicious intent and so prevent the virus from spreading or even be deleted before opening.

Lastly would be preventing spam, usually people are not aware that spam would have a virus attached to it, so by installing an antivirus, you would be able to prevent the spam from affecting your network.

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