InkJet vs Laser: What is the better printer for you?

Inkjet vs Laser, Many consumers who plan to get a printer will find that question and wonder what's the difference between these two and which is the better choice to take.

Here are the main difference between the printers 

  • Inkjets are cheaper upfront, but get expensive when time gets on, as the printing amount is lesser than laser. So if you don’t print much, Inkjet is a much affordable option.
  • Laser are recommend to be use for printing out documents, where else Inkjets are better in printing photos
  • Laser printers are the cheaper option if you are planning to print a lot of pages.

Although their basic function works as how it should, printing. The way it puts the printed item into the paper is very different.

Inkjet requires liquid ink where it would have a print head that would have micro nozzles and would print out what is needed by dropping ink onto the paper.

Wherelse Laser Printer would use a toner which uses powder, the laser in the laser printing would then make an electrostatic charge which then print the power onto the paper and bonded into the paper through heat.

Important Differences

The Upfront cost of the printer for inkjet is cheaper than laser printer, as inkjet uses a less complex technology which makes it cheaper. And manufacturers usually would make the inkjet be sold as a loss as they would get the lost back via ink cartridges.

But on the other hand, Laser Printer would cost more than the inkjet and you would rarely find a cheap laser printer that cost less than $300.

Next up would be Ink Quality, Inkjets ink quality does well in colors, so it does well for images and photos, as it does a mixture of colors, making it easier to mix and reproduce color on the inkjet than a laser printer.

Although laser printers are not built for photo printing, There are specialized printers that do photo printing, but do expect it to cost more than a normal laser printer. But, laser printers do well in printing text, offering clear sharp letters which most inkjets cannot do as inkjet can bleed it’s letter slightly.

Ink also can smear, as the ink is still drying while it’s printing so it’s an issue the inkjet user needs to check out for. Where laser printers use a heat-transfer method so it would be smudge proof when coming out.

Another would be the cost of printing, Liquid ink is extremely expensive and because it’s a product that is highly complex and because it’s a high-margin product product and so printer owners would have to buy again once they used up their ink. 

Cost-per-page would vary with inkjet printers but would be more expensive than Toner as Toner powder is cheaper to ship, store and use. Although Toner are more expensive than inkjet printers, Toner provides better page yield, making it so that you’ll print more using the toner than the inkjet cartridges.Toner can also be stored over the long term, but ink cartridges although can be kept for months if kept properly, if you do not print regularly, the liquid in the ink cartridge can dry out, Leaving you with a useless ink.

Next difference would be printer size.If you require a smaller printer, our recommendation would be to go for an inkjet printer as laser printers are usually larger and heavier than the inkjets. And so if u got limited space, inkjet would be the choice for you.

In Conclusion, which printer you would want is what you want to use your printer for. You may only print a limited amount each year or may require printing that has the colors sharpness you want or just want to print a simple text document.So if you have made your choice, come look at out selection of printers we have for you at

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