Performance Boost with Wifi6 Router!

With new Wi-Fi generations coming out in the market, the latest Wi-Fi6 is now available in Compaqs!

With the current pace of demands, the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) has released new standard call 802.11ax (Wifi 6) which have been said to perform 3-4 times faster than its predecessor Wifi 5. And with OFDMA technology, it would also have lower latency.

The Wi-Fi6 new design is also designed for highly populated areas such as airports, shopping centers and train stations. It also can be used in offices for IoT devices such as Cameras and such.

With Wifi 6, comes better performance, further coverage and longer battery life. It can deliver a single stream at 3.5Gbps and with multiplexing technology. It can also deliver four simultaneous streams to a single endpoint for a total of “up to” 14Gbps, which may vary depending on where you are.

With the amount of IoT in home and offices/public area these days, such new function would be required too as its low-power improvement are great for IoT devices. It allows the compatible devices to conserve their power which results in longer uptime and with its better handling, it can handle more devices allowing you to use more IoT devices.


If you want to upgrade to Wi-Fi6, why not now? Laptops these days are available with Wi-Fi6 and they are more common. Along with prices that are coming down for Wi-Fi6, it’s definitely worth it for faster throughput and a faster internet speed.

Instead of upgrading everything at once, we would recommend you to take one step at a time and start with the D-Link EXO AX1500 Wi-Fi 6 Router DIR-X1560 first!

You can also take a look at some laptops we are currently carrying, that consist of Wi-Fi6 here.

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